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Spies and private investigators have many things in common. One thing we share is that we have to live up to the portrayal of our kind in movies and TV. The new James Bond movie, onlinesite/”>Skyfall is being released in North America today. In honor of the renowned series, here is a look at real and imaginary spy gadgets.

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We may not be CIA or MI6, but we have gadgets too. James Bond often had gadgets that were ahead of their time, but soon became available to everyone. Some are now almost obsolete. The villains had gadgets too, often more advanced and dangerous than the ones James Bond used.

Bond’s attaché case, or as we so humbly call it, a briefcase, didn’t include a peanut butter sandwich and some granola bars, it was filled with all kinds of investigative and killing devices.

In From Russia with Love, released in 1963, Bond used a pager. Remember pagers? He also had a car phone, another antiquated device. In this movie, Bond used a reel-to-reel tape recorder to record conversations. In Thunderball, released in 1965, Bond had graduated to a cassette recorder hidden in a book. Tape also went the way of the dinosaur; digital rules.

Bond used Bug Detectors. Anyone can purchase one online, and they come in sizes as small as a key fob. You don’t need to be a private investigator to use one, but you would be better off leaving this kind of work to the experts. Just because you have a gadget, doesn#039;t make you a P.I., or a spy.

Bond drove an Aston Martin DB5, in the 1964 release of Goldfinger. We would kill for a car like this. The Aston Martin was outfitted with a passenger ejector seat, revolving license plates, hubcaps with tire slashers, machine guns behind the headlights and smoke and oil slick sprayers in the rear.

In The Spy Who Loved Me, released in 1977, Bond wore a Seiko Quartz watch with a build in telex, so MI6 could send him messages that were printed out on something that looked like a label maker.

Right now, you can go on the Internet and purchase a spy watch that is also a cell phone and a camera, for approximately $100. That way you don#039;t have to swallow your “secret” message that was printed online casino guide

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on label maker tape, which could clog your intestines. Not a good thing to deal with when you are out in the field on surveillance.

Bond also used homing devices in a number of movies, today almost everyone has GPS in their car and on their smartphones. We can all be spies. Unfortunately, that#039;s not a good thing. Leave tracking to those who know the law.

In Never Say Never Again, the 1983 release, James Bond used a fountain pen that doubled as a gun. We don#039;t go that far, but we do use pens that double as cameras. James Bond often used mini cameras, like the Minox.

Bond used a remote control to drive his car in Tomorrow Never Dies. In 1997 that device brand over the net looked a bit like today’s smart phone. Google is way ahead of Bond, having developed a vehicle that can drive itself.

In Casino Royale, Bond is implanted with a Microchip, so MI6 can keep track of him and also monitor his vital signs. This movie came out in 2006. We already implant less sophisticated microchips in our pets, and humans are experimenting with this device. One day we may all have microchips implanted in our bodies.

Who doesn#039;t love spy gadgets? They make our lives easier and they are becoming cheaper, smaller, better and more accessible. We love technology that makes our job easier. You might think that purchasing one of these devices will save you thousands of dollars on private investigation costs. Think again. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Like James Bond, we know danger, and there are some things that you should leave to the professionals. cheapest online


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