New Technology News from ASIS 2012

Posted by on Thursday, September 13th, 2012

There is no better place to learn about the advances in new technology than at a trade show. The ASIS International 58th Annu

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al Seminar and Exhibition

is happening right now and the latest tech news is spilling from the trade show to the wires.

If you canadian pharmacy with lowest generic viagra weren’t able to get to the conference, or just didn’t want to go, because you don’t like crowds, here is breaking news from the floor:

Security Info Watch attended the trade show and reported on video surveillance technology. Read more here.

Honeywell demonstrated their 3D visualization software, which provides geo-referencing of video surveillance data. Honeywell’s solution allows you to track a person or an object pixel by pixel. The system also allows multi-PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) tracking.

Next Level Security Systems (NLSS) has a mobile app that will start sending video and audio captured from your smart phone, once you press a panic button. It also send GPS data to their NLSS Gateway. The company’s NLSS Gateway combines video management, access control, audio, analytics and intrusion in a single networked platform.

Thermal Imaging is a form of camera surveillance that was previously too expensive for commercial applications. This technology has been used for military applications and other high security surveillance applications. According to an article by Joel Griffin,


who attended the trade show, this technology is becoming more affordable. Read “Thermal Imaging Ready For Mainstream Applications”.

The ASIS Hub for updates on the conference features the Sentry View Systems SentryPOWER CORE renewable energy solution for remote applications. The system provides power to remote surveillance solutions, or anything that you want to power in such a situation. POWER CORE uses green energy; combining solar, wind turbine, fuel cell, grid and generator. Because of this combination, the system will work in all kinds of weather. POWER CORE also provides a Web interface that can be configured to use with wireless, cellular, fiber optics, IP and SATCOM communications.

There is more to security than technology. We can’t forget that software and technical information is nothing without the human aspect.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano was a keynote speaker. Her message was a crucial one, especially on the eve of 9-11.

Napolitano spoke about the importance of sharing information between the public and private sector. Watch it here:

You can also listen to an audio broadcast of “Data Breach! The Event, the Investigation, The Recovery“.

Even if you have been unable to attend this security event, you can still benefit from the information that is being passed on by the experts in industrial security and new technology.


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