Managing Complexity
Certain investigations and security projects call for a greater degree of finesse. No group is more adept at navigating such complex, multi-layered assignments than Sheer Investigations/Special Projects.

SISP is an elite division within intelligence leader Sheer Investigations, operating in tandem with global consulting specialists EMA, Inc.

Our international network of former intelligence agents yields FBI-caliber results for investigative firms and large corporations, across the US and overseas. Areas of expertise extend from broad investigations and security to include crisis management, brand protection and beyond. For ongoing assignments or even on a one-time basis, SISP promises a rapid response to your every need.


Thomas L. Sheer

Tom Sheer has devoted his life to the advancement of the intelligence field, in both the public and private sectors.

For 25 years he led a storied career with the FBI, culminating in his leadership of the Bureau's New York office, where he successfully tackled the city's five organized crime families and was awarded the prestigious FBI Medal of Valor. Prior to joining the FBI, Tom served as an officer in the US Marines Corps. Before forming Sheer Investigations, he led security efforts at such well-known companies WR Grace and Mirage Casinos and Resorts.

This path has cemented Tom's international reputation as a leading authority in the fields of law enforcement, counter-terrorism, crisis management, competitive intelligence, and corporate investigative strategy.


Bob Peter

Bob Peter served with the FBI for more than 30 years in New York, Mobile, the Legal Attache office in Rome, and Bureau headquarters in Washington DC.

During his time with the FBI, Bob developed extensive experience in criminal investigation, and in intelligence, enforcement, liaison, administrative, and management matters.

Since leaving the Bureau, Bob has worked in the private sector, most notably as principal of his own company, EMA Inc., providing corporate, law enforcement and emergency management consulting, business development, and training.


Sean Sheer

Sean Sheer's day-to-day leadership at Sheer Investigations has led to the successful completion of more than 3,000 private investigations.

He studied business continuity, security, emergency response, and fire safety at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where he completed his Master's Degree in Protection Management and Emergency Response.

Sean is also a former award-winning journalist.